Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fatawakkal 'alallah !

"Nothing is impossible in this world, because impossible is nothing"
The name of  'jargon' that has been familiar around us and mostly people know that.

Many of people are doubt to decide what will they do, it has many reasons, such as they are afraid that they will be fail, they don't have a great self-confidence, etc. It's humany but it doesn't mean that it can't be changed.
If we want to do something, just do it!. But, make sure that something that you do is in positive way that has a lot of benefits to other people. Because khoirunnas anfa'uhum linnas. Don't be afraid about what will happen after that, because Allah SWT, our Lord, has arranged all. Even you fail in the firs time, never mind. Failure is delayed success, isn't it? The most important thing is "strong willingness" to start. If we have a strong willingness when we want to do something, I'm sure we will have a great power to continue that. So, make sure that whatever we do will give big happiness to others.
Thousands miles of journey is begun with one step!.    


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